Does communication in your workplace leave something to be desired?

Need to dial up your persuasiveness and ability to influence?

Struggling to express dense, difficult information to clients, co-workers, or stakeholders?

Plagued by presentations that are muddy, ineffective, or just plain boring?

You and your employees need to be engaging, empathetic, and tactical communicators. Your presentations need to stand out. You need to communicate collaboratively as a high-performance team. Lauren’s communication training is highly practical and grounded in integrity and empathy. Her strategic, goal-driven, fluff-free approach is appreciated by high-performance teams and people in intense, demanding sectors.

Corporate training is available both in-person and virtually, in a variety of formats:

All programs are customized and tailored to your organization’s needs and context, and can be adjusted to fit different timeframes and schedules.


Choose from the workshops below or contact Lauren regarding custom workshop development.


Core Communication for Leaders: Essential Skills and Concepts for Improving Workplace Communication

    • Summary: A crash course in organizational communication and interpersonal communication strategies for leaders and supervisors. This workshop helps leaders better understand the nuances of communication so they can foster a more open, productive, collaborative communication culture.

Persuasion @ Work: Strategic Communication for Persuading With Integrity

    • Summary: Discover the fascinating world of persuasive communication! This workshop digs into the psychology of persuasion, incorporating critical strategies from rhetoric and negotiation, so you can persuade with integrity, grow your influence, and even build more trusting, positive relationships.

Powerhouse Presentations: Your Framework for Crafting and Delivering Clear, Effective, Engaging Talks

    • Summary: Transform your presentations with Lauren’s signature method for developing and delivering outstanding presentations. In this workshop, you will learn her robust, strategic approach for creating and refining your presentation content, delivering a dynamic talk, and engaging your audience.

Collaborative Communication: Strategies For The Workplace…And Beyond

    • Summary: Are your committee or board meetings marred by friction and arguments? Is tension making it difficult for your teams or departments to communicate effectively with one another? This workshop teaches important communication skills for increasing collaboration in tense environments.

This Is Your Brain on Videoconference: How to Master Virtual Meetings and Make Peace With Your Webcam

    • Summary: Are your virtual meetings in need of more oomph and engagement? Is your team feeling burned out from the constant parade of Zoom calls? This hilarious and fascinating workshop will give you a behind-the-scenes look into the psychology of virtual meetings, teach you  critical on-camera communication skills, and help you dial down the stress of virtual.

Discovering Your Speaker’s Edge: Unlocking Your Confident, Authentic Speaker Style

    • Summary: Elevate your presence and impact as a speaker! An excellent workshop for leadership teams and individuals who need to deliver corporate keynotes, speeches, or talks at events such as industry conferences, corporate galas and other events.


Looking for a shorter, 30 to 90 minute talk for your team? Click here to view Lauren’s keynote talks.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Purpose built for busy people, Lauren’s self-paced online video courses lets your employees improve their public speaking and presentation skills on their own time. Courses are hosted on an attractive online platform that tracks your progress as you go. You can combine courses with services such as video reviews, one-on-one coaching, and certificates of completion.

Group licensing is available, along with individual program purchases. Self-paced online courses may be used for internal professional development certification initiatives.

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Business Presentation Mastery

Lauren’s intensive, full-suite course for people serious about developing their presentation skills. This program takes you through Lauren’s signature MCD (Mindset-Content-Delivery) process for creating and delivering outstanding presentations.

From developing presentation content to crafting beautiful slide decks, from increasing audience engagement to improving your confidence, this public speaking skills course covers it all.

Making the Most of Videoconferencing

Need to polish your virtual meeting skills and presence? This fast and engaging program covers everything, including basic technology, on-camera communication skills, your appearance and background, engaging virtual meeting participants, and more. An excellent companion to Lauren’s book UNMUTE! How to Master Virtual Meetings and Reclaim Your Sanity.

Corporate Public Speaking Classes

Corporate public speaking classes are an excellent choice for organizations wanting to move the dial on the quality and consistency of their people’s communication and presentation skills.

These classes take place over a period of time, such as 4 half-day sessions happening over the space of one week, a series of 8 90-minute sessions that meet once every two weeks, etc. This approach gives participants the opportunity to practice and integrate what they’ve learned in between classes, leading to better uptake and more lasting change. Classes are often made up of between 6 and 12 participants, though larger and smaller groups can also be accommodated.

All courses are developed on a custom basis to suit your organizations needs and timelines.

Contact Lauren directly at to discuss your needs and to see sample course curricula from past clients.

Canadian organizations may qualify for the following grants:

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