Quality of the Speakers

Your event clients and delegates have sat through their fair share of boring, useless, or just plain crappy presentations. They want – and expect – more.

They want to see a speaker who not only makes them laugh and gets them fired up, but who also fills them with useful, practical information and insight that they can take back to their office and take action on.

They need a Keynote Speaker or Master of Ceremonies who can keep things moving, wake them up, and make them laugh while still understanding the nuances of their industry and connecting with them on a personal level.

They're looking to you to find them that speaker

Hire Lauren to Speak at your Event

Lauren Sergy at Edmonton Event Awards

Energizing and Memorable Experience

My Speaking Style

In my dynamic, entertaining, and hugely practical talks, I rip back the curtain and reveal the art and alchemy of public speaking and communication.

I help driven professionals, businesses, teams, and entrepreneurs dial up their effectiveness by diving into the whys and hows of speaking and communication. Come with me as we investigate the nuts and bolts of successful, persuasive, confident communication.

My high-energy, high-value keynotes laser in on key communication issues professionals face.

Many of my keynotes focus on:

  • Unpacking your expert knowledge and making it accessible,  understandable, and compelling for laypeople
  • Connecting meaningfully with your clients, customers, and team members
  • Shifting the way you approach communication to become more tactical, strategic, and authentic
  • Overcoming speaking and communication issues that plague highly competent professionals and executives, including dealing with self doubt, getting a handle on corporate communication culture, managing power dynamics, and communicating effectively within complex interpersonal relationships

With energy, humor, and candor, I teach my audiences how to use communication strategically – wielding their words like tacticians.

Making Your Event a Success

I’m here to help you to make this event awesome.

How? By working with you to make sure I understand both your delegates and your event inside and out, and then by building relationships with my audience before, during, and after the event. This way, I can give your people the talk they most need and want. I am a speaker who not only educates and entertains but who also supports the greater theme and vision of the event.

Let me help you make your event a success by being the speaker your clients crave – one that makes them say “Wow…that event was fantastic! I learned so much!”

Your Master of Ceremonies

As Master of Ceremonies, I help you create an outstanding event by energizing the audience and keeping things running smoothly.

Keeping an audience energized through long functions or multi-day meetings is no mean feat, and it’s tough to juggle that while also keeping a sharp eye on the clock to ensure everyone gets their coffee break on time. And let’s face it – your staff and directors really don’t want to take on the dreaded role of MC themselves!

Let me take away this stress and make your more engaging and exciting through my skilled MC services. I work with you to craft original programs with the right blend of humor and professionalism, while taking into accounts variables like timing, agendas, VIP introductions, and more. Through careful research, skilled writing, and a performer’s flare, I will connect personally and meaningfully with your delegates, lending an energetic elegance to your event.

Lauren's Presentations

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