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Lauren Sergy is a public speaking and communication expert who has helped thousands of professionals improve their speaking and communication skills.

Lauren has worked with organizations big and small across a variety of industries in Canada, the US, and the UK. With humor and candor, she’s helped people at all levels – from new hires to senior leaders – develop a more strategic, effective, and confident approach to presentations and public speaking. Whether you are holding an in-person event or needing a virtual solution, Lauren provides engaging, effective programs to help you and your team become more powerful speakers, presenters, and communicators.

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Strengthen your communication skill and increase your impact - practical, inspiring, actionable talks for you and your team

Creating an Energizing and Memorable Experience

Communication and Speaking insights critical to today's leaders and professionals

In my dynamic, entertaining, and hugely practical talks, I rip back the curtain and reveal the art and alchemy of public speaking and communication.

I help driven professionals, businesses, teams, and entrepreneurs dial up their effectiveness by diving into the whys and hows of speaking and communication. Come with me as we investigate the nuts and bolts of successful, persuasive, confident communication.

My high-energy, high-value keynotes laser in on key communication issues professionals face.


My keynotes focus on:

  • Unpacking your expert knowledge and making it accessible,  understandable, and compelling for laypeople
  • Connecting meaningfully with your clients, customers, and team members
  • Shifting the way you approach communication to become more tactical, strategic, and authentic
  • Elevating your Executive Presence so you can more effectively command the confidence and attention of those in the room

With energy, humor, and candor, I teach my audiences how to use communication strategically – wielding their words like tacticians and taking command of the image and message they present to the world.



I’ve worked with audiences in Canada, the United States, and Europe, including:

T-Mobile,  Carboline,  KPMG,  Grant Thornton,  University of Alberta,  Northern Trust Corporation, Brand Bastion,  Dairy Farmers of Canada,  BOMA,  Park deRochie,  Meeting Professionals International,  Alberta Association of Municipal Clerks, Government of Alberta, Business Career College, Young Professionals in Engineering, Family Services Canada, Lloyd Sadd Navacord . . . and many more!

Making Your Event a Success

I’m here to help you to make this event awesome.

How? By working with you to make sure I understand both your delegates and your event inside and out, and then by building relationships with my audience before, during, and after the event. This way, I can give your people the talk they most need and want. I am a speaker who not only educates and entertains but who also supports the greater theme and vision of the event.

Let me help you make your event a success by being the speaker your clients crave – one that makes them say “Wow…that event was fantastic! I learned so much!”

Keynote Presentation Descriptions

Note: All talks are available as both Virtual and In-Person Keynotes

KEYNOTE 1: Secrets of Persuasion – A Holy Grail communication skills, persuasiveness is admired, desired, and sought out by individuals and organizations alike. But what makes someone truly persuasive? In this keynote, I take you through a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what persuasion is and how it works. You’ll learn how to dial up your own persuasive skills while becoming savvier to the persuasive tactics thrown at us in daily life.

KEYNOTE 2: Executive Presence – Developing and Leveraging the Language of Leadership – Leadership demands a great deal: knowledge, experience, and confidence, but also the ability to communicate those traits in ways that command the attention and respect of others. While it may seem like some people are simply “born with it,” the traits of executive presence can be taught, learned, and strategically leveraged. With an engaging mix of humor and candor, we will look at high-impact behavior and traits at the heart of executive presence. You will learn practical methods for honing your own personal form of executive presence.

KEYNOTE 3: Managing the Boiling Point – Communicating Productively when Tempers are HighIn the midst of pressured work environments, hectic lives, and a non-stop barrage of information, we need to be able to find ways of managing shortened nerves and frayed tempers so that our communication remains open, clear, and productive. In this candid keynote, we will explore the forces affecting our communication and learn practical ways to create collaborative, positive communication with our co-workers and our clients.


90+ Minute sessions, Half Day Workshops, and Full Day Workshops are also available – please inquire for further details.

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