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Public speaking wizard. Presentation maestro. Communication catalyst.

Since 2012, I've been helping individuals, professionals, executives, and teams become powerful communicators and persuasive presenters.

I can help you, too.


You know how important communication skills are in our workplaces and businesses. You've given many presentations yourself, but you still feel that something's missing. You find yourself unsure what content needs to go in and what needs to be trimmed out. Your team can't agree on what to say and when. You can want to have more polish and impact. You want your team and business to have a consistent, clear style of communication that builds trust and improves relationships between co-workers and stakeholders alike.

This is absolutely within your grasp, and is precisely what I help people do.

Whether I'm helping an organization create a strategic and consistent communication style, training a team on how to craft and deliver knock-out presentations, or revealing the secrets of public speaking to an audience, I'm dedicated to both motivating and enabling people to be stronger, savvier, and more confident communicators.



Why me?

A proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, I am dedicated to delivering top quality services to you and your team that will transform the way you speak, present, and communicate.

My clients and audiences have ranged from students to entrepreneurs, managers, and executives. I've spoken for and worked with people from a variety of industries and organizations, including:

  • Meeting Professionals International
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Government of Alberta
  • University of Alberta
  • Business Career College

...and more

I bring a unique blend of experience and training to the art of public speaking. My background and experience in performance arts, business, academics, and staff training enabled me to create a disciplined, rigorous approach to public speaking that is still flexible and adaptive to individual styles and circumstances.

I also bring my practical experience as a speaker and trainer. I walk the talk, speaking to and teaching groups both small and large. I regularly post articles on public speaking, and was personally invited by Visible Ink Press to author a book on communication skills.  This book, The Handy Communication Answer Book, will be on shelves (both physical and virtual) in Spring 2017.


I believe that everyone has the potential to be an exceptional communicator with their own distinct style. Our companies, workplaces, and working lives can be vastly improved by developing honest and truthful communication skills.  And it's that dedication and conviction that I bring to my work, every day.

Ready to work with me? Interested in having me speak at your event or meeting? Need insightful consultation and solutions for your organization? Head to the Contact Page and get in touch today.

I work with people in the Edmonton, Alberta region and beyond.  In-person and distance/online services are available.

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