Talks and presentations are critical to business success – it’s time to take yours to the next level!

What is Business Presentation Mastery?

Business Presentation Mastery is your complete training program for creating and delivering outstanding talks and presentations. Whether your delivering a keynote for 500 people at your company’s national conference or giving a presentation to 5 people at your client’s office, BPM covers the skills and strategies you need to make your next talk your best one yet.’

In this intensive self-paced course, business communication and public speaking expert Lauren Sergy will take you through her signature MCD (Mind-Content-Delivery) speaking process:

Mind: build a more objective, confident, realistic mindset when it comes to public speaking

Content: create clear and compelling content, focuses messages, and presentations that are easier for your audience to follow and for you to deliver

Delivery: develop you ‘on-stage’ skills, including dynamic speaking techniques and audience engagement strategies


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How does Business Presentation Mastery work?

Business Presentation Mastery is a self-paced online course with 7 modules. Each module is broken down into engaging video lessons filmed in high definition. Many lessons and modules also have worksheets as well as additional exercises and helpful resources.

Your progress through the course is tracked – video lessons are bookmarked as you go through them so you can see what you’ve already covered and easily move through the content.

When you sign up for BPM, you get a 12 month membership to the full program. You get access to all the modules at once so that you can go through them according to your needs and schedule.

But it doesn’t just stop with the course; when you register, you will also get 12 months of access to the BPM Facebook Group, where you can access monthly group coaching calls with Lauren, get the opportunity to  ask questions and get feedback, and enjoy the support of other BPM participants.

Finally, you will also get access to Lauren’s virtual speaking mini-course Making the Most of Videoconferences. This course can be purchased as a stand alone product, but because virtual presentation and speaking skills are so important to today’s businesses, we want you to have access to this resource as well.

Who is Business Presentation Mastery for?

Business Presentation Mastery is designed for people who need to give high-quality, compelling talks, presentations, or speeches as part of their work. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, an executive or a new hire, an experienced speaker or a beginner, Lauren’s strategies and techniques can work for you.

Business Presentation Mastery is best suited for those who understand the importance of public speaking in their work and are motivated to put in the effort to elevate their skills and presentations. People who have used Lauren’s strategies to improve their speaking include:

  • Executives and senior leaders
  • Sales teams
  • IT and technical specialists
  • Client account managers
  • Conference speakers
  • Knowledge workers
  • Subject matter experts

Individual enrollment and team/group licenses available

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How much does Business Presentation Mastery cost?

Your annual subscription to Business Presentation Mastery, is just $649 per year.


You will also get access to monthly group coaching calls and feedback in the BPM Facebook Group ($240 value) and access to the Making the Most of Videoconferencing course ($97 value). That’s over $300 of additional value with your registration!


Special pricing for team/group licenses is available. Contact Lauren directly at to discuss your team’s needs and available service packages.

Make your next presentation your best one yet

Annual membership is just $649 - Registration opens on April 20, 2022!

Want this course for your team? Contact me about team/group licenses and team training options, complete with progress tracking, certificates of completion, and options for individual coaching and support!