Collaborative Communication: Strategies for the Workplace…and Beyond

Communication in the workplace can be a source of stress; interpersonal relationships, team effectiveness, and the ability to have clear, productive conversations even in tense situations make a very real difference to workplace effectiveness and job satisfaction. Many people believe that the ability to manage or diffuse tension is a personality characteristic – an inborn trait, like whether or not you like cilantro. In reality, collaborative communication is a learned practice based on awareness, empathy, planning…and some handy in-the-moment tools to bring it all together.

In this fast-paced, interactive, and highly practical workshop, communication expert Lauren Sergy will demystify the elements of collaborative communication and show you how to apply them to the realities of your workplace.  With her characteristic energy, humour, and candor, Lauren will tackle tough communication issues and help you make significant strides in your own communication habits. You will learn how to understand and anticipate people’s motivations and points of view, increase openness and trust, diffuse tension, and engage in communication that is clear, collaborative, and productive.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understanding people’s motivations and worldview to improve effectiveness of communication and pave the way for meaningful connection
  • Goal-driven conversations: how to set goals and choose what issues to discuss in any given conversation to improve understanding and focus for both you and your audience
  • Rhetorical appeals: How to present information and ideas in ways that will make them more easily understood and accepted by others
  • In-the-moment strategies for diffusing tension and keeping conversations on track