This Is Your Brain on Videoconferencing: How to Master Virtual Meetings and Make Peace With Your Webcam

Themes: Virtual Communication, Virtual Meetings, Productivity, Stress Management


Picture yourself at breakfast. You open your calendar to prepare for the day, and there they are: the video conferences. You can feel your heart rate spike as you stare at them. Virtual meeting after virtual meeting, replete with the irritations you once brushed off but now dread: awkward silences, glitchy video, choppy conversations, Bob’s nose hairs. (Seriously, doesn’t Bob know his camera is pointed right up his nose?).

Despite being neck-deep in virtual meetings for over a year and a half, many people are still uncomfortable with this medium of communication. But love them or hate them, virtual meetings are here to stay. Even if that idea makes you cringe, virtual communication presents incredible opportunity for developing and strengthening relationships with your clients and co-workers…if you know how to you use it well.

In this engaging and practical session, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes view of the unique communication psychology of virtual meetings and how you can quickly and significantly improve your on-camera communication. In this funny, eye-opening, and actionable workshop, you will learn:

  • practical, easy-to-implement strategies to increase your overall polish
  • how to create more connection with those on the call, and boost engagement and participation
  • strategies for reducing virtual meeting burnout, handling stress, and using this medium in your workplace in a way that’s sustainable and productive.

Get ready to communicate more effectively in virtual environments – and maybe even come to love them!

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