Core Communication for Leaders: Essential Skills and Concepts for Improving Workplace Communication

Themes: Leadership, workplace communication, productivity, workplace culture

In many organizations, people are promoted based on their skill in their job. But there’s more to leadership than technical skill in a specific area. Leaders rely heavily on so-called “soft” skills that allow them to build relationships with their reports and properly direct and influence the course of action within their departments.

At the top of the ‘soft skills’ list crucial for effective leadership are communication skills. It’s important that your leaders not only understand why people communicate the way they do within an organization, but also how to leverage different tools and strategies to improve communication, clarity, culture, and collaboration within their divisions.

This intensive half-day workshop helps your leaders develop those fundamental communication skills and strategies. They will increase clarity and effectiveness of communication, decrease interpersonal conflict and relieve tension, and help cultivate a positive communication culture. With a strong emphasis on practical application, participants will learn about workplace communication behavior, strategies for improving clarity and openness in communication, and techniques for communicating in tense environments.

Session outcomes – Through this session participants will:

  • Identify the power structures, relationships, needs, and roles that may affect the way people are communicating in a given situation
  • Develop strategies for being nimble and responsive to changing communication needs while maintaining clear boundaries in their role as a leader
  • Improve collaborative communication and persuasive skills for use with both direct reports and with cross-departmental peers
  • Learn specific communication techniques for managing tense conversations