Discovering Your Speaker's Edge: Unlocking Your Confident, Authentic Speaker Style

Themes: Public Speaking, Executive Presence, Communication, Confidence


Do you want to grow your confidence and style as a speaker, but aren’t sure how to go about doing it?

Many people assume that great communicators are born, not made. In reality, confident speakers spend a great deal of time analyzing and strategizing both what they say and how they say it. They put effort into identifying their authentic speaking style and work to develop and adapt it for different situations. They hone their speaker’s edge.

This workshop helps you discover your own speaker’s edge – the individual style, special strengths, and unique perspectives you possess that enables you to give compelling, high-values talks from a place of confidence. With the guidance of communication and public speaking expert Lauren Sergy, you will engage in a practical, hands-on session where you will:

  • Discover and leverage your innate communication strengths
  • Identify your role as “speaker” in different situations
  • Tap into the needs and perceptions of your audience
  • Use practical speaking techniques to project greater confidence and your authentic personality

This workshop is an excellent choice for leaders, people who need to speak to large groups, and people who frequently represent their organization at public forums and events.