Persuasion @ Work: Strategic Communication for Persuading With Integrity

Themes: Persuasion, influence, communication, negotiation

Ready to harness the power of persuasion and grow your ability to persuade with integrity?

Persuasion is a holy grail workplace skill; it helps us communicate more productively, negotiate more effectively, and move the needle on projects and decision-making. Persuasive skill has an especially compelling advantage that few know about: when done well, it helps you build trust and deepen relationships, driving up your long-term influence.

In this fascinating, fast-paced, and highly practical workshop, communication expert Lauren Sergy will teach you persuasive techniques from the worlds of rhetoric, negotiation, and communication. With a focus on practical application and ethical, relationship-building techniques, you will:

  • Learn how to accurately analyze a group’s needs and expectations so you can tailor your persuasive strategy to their context
  • Develop goal-driven conversation plans to keep your discussions on-topic and productive
  • Understand how to position your arguments or points so they can be received more favorably
  • Discover specific communication techniques to direct and manage a conversation