Shifting Your Mindset for Peak Performance

You can find Wayne Lee on Twitter @WayneLeeGPS Ever feel like you’re having trouble getting your head in the game? Do you know that you are capable of better performance or higher achievement but feel like you can’t wrap your brain around what to do next? I know you have – I have too. And…

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How to Have Awesome Meetings

You can find Gord Sheppard on Twitter @GordonSheppard1 Have you ever sat in a meeting wanting to pull your hair out in frustration? You are far from alone. Between work and volunteer committments, many of us spend inordinate time in pointless or ineffective meetings, wasting precious time, energy, and money. Today on Talk Shop I’m…

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How to Talk About Money, with Chris Enns

You can find Chris Enns on Twitter @rags2reasonable Does talking about money make you want to hide under a blanket? If so, you aren’t alone. Money is a taboo topic for many, especially for people with variable income or non-traditional work. Join personal finance expert and advisor (and professional opera singer!) Chris Enns and I…

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How to Recognize Greatness in Yourself and Others

You can find Sarah McVanel on Twitter @SarahMcVanel Recognizing the skills, contributions, and overall awesomeness of ourselves and others can be remarkably hard to do! Many businesses and individuals have competitive mindsets where recognition of contribution is seen as weak or even personally detrimental. Others feel that talking about their own greatness is morally wrong…

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High Performance: The Real Implications of Chasing Excellence

You can find Ken Karpoff on Twitter @KenKarpoff Ever find yourself chasing a big win or striving for peak performance…only to be burned out and let down by the process? Join me as I talk with Ken Karpoff, mental performance coach to Olympians, elite athletes, and business hotshots about how the narratives and language surrounding…

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Lauren Sergy talks to Grant Ainsley

Executive Communication Tips from a Media Expert

You can find Grant Ainsley on Twitter @AinsleyInc The idea of facing down a news camera is, for many people, the stuff of nightmares. But like most other speaking scenarios, it doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. What’s more, developing solid media skills is a good strategy for anyone who is in or aspires…

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Pop-up Rhetoric 2017 State of the Union banner

Pop-Up Rhetoric: 2018 State of the Union Address

It’s Pop-Up Rhetoric time again! Pop-Up Rhetoric is a video series where I analyze parts of speeches and other communications. This lets you see how rhetoric works, how it infuses our communication even without us recognizing the devices and strategies at work. The latest Pop-Up Rhetoric video looks at the last few minutes of Trump’s…

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Jean Eaton and Lauren Sergy

Are You Protected From Privacy Breaches?

You can find Jean Eaton on Twitter @InfoManLtd Did you know that the chances of a business having a privacy breach of any size is 80%? We estimate that 80% of small to medium sized business in the next 5 years are going to be affected by a significant privacy breach. And of those that…

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