Help your Team Level Up their Speaking, Presentation, and Communication Skills

I’m here to ensure you and your team become more powerful communicators and level up their interpersonal communication, presentation, and public speaking skills.

Whether you choose in-person or virtual training, my talks and workshops are dynamic, engaging, and incredibly practical. I provide an interactive experience that will draw you in, fire up your brain, and help you make real strides in your speaking, presentation, and communication skills.

I’ve helped my clients and their teams:

  • create and deliver stronger presentations both in-person and online
  • become more persuasive and compelling public speakers
  • develop critical non-verbal communication skills such as executive presence
  • foster a more productive, positive, collaborative communication culture among co-workers and stakeholders
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their virtual meetings and video conference presentations

I adapt all my corporate training offerings to your team’s needs and contexts. is developed on a custom basis to meet your needs in your organization’s particular context.

You can choose from a of flexible training options, including

  • Small team-focused intensive sessions
  • Plenary and breakout sessions
  • lunch-and-learn or breakfast sessions ,
  • Half-day and full-day workshops
  • Multi-day courses and training series

I provide corporate training in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Availability of in-person workshops is dependent on COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Lauren Sergy

I am focused and committed to create a highly engaging experience for you, your delegates, and your team. You will learn, laugh, connect, and – most importantly – become more powerful communicators, presenters, and speakers.

Sample Workshop and Seminar Topics

I address many topics related to face-to-face, real time communication in today’s workplaces. Communication and presentation are multi-faceted, and here is a sample of the topics I’ve delivered in my virtual workshops and keynotes:


Secrets of Persuasion

  • In this fast-paced, interactive, and highly practical workshop, we will demystify the notions of connecting with and persuading others so that you can have more productive and satisfying conversations with people at work and people at home. You will learn how to understand and anticipate people’s motivations and point of view, increase openness and trust, and construct arguments that are powerfully persuasive while being respectful of others and solidifying positive relationships.


Powerhouse Presentations

  • Public speaking and presentations are a significant source of stress for many professionals. This often leads to procrastination, underwhelming performance, ineffective presentations and considerable stress on the part of the presenter. In this intense and interactive workshop, professional speaker and communication expert Lauren Sergy will help your team learn a robust system for developing and delivering outstanding presentations. The tools you will learn will help you improve your content and delivery while reducing the stress that presentations can provoke. You will learn crucial skills such as how to develop clear focused content, how to properly practice your talks, how to create attractive slide shows, and how to effectively engage your audience.


Developing Executive Presence

  • Leadership demands a great deal: knowledge, experience, and confidence, yes, but also the ability to communicate those traits in ways that command the attention and respect of others. This ability is known as Executive Presence: a difficult-to-define combination of the way we speak, look, and behave that helps others perceive us as competent and authoritative. While it may seem like some people are simply “born with it,” the traits of executive presence can be taught, learned, and strategically leveraged to give you greater poise and impact in all areas of work and life. With an engaging mix of humor and candor, we will look at high-impact behavior that communicates a commanding presence, as well as the mindset needed to cultivate this presence in a way that both looks and feels authentic.


Making the Most of Videoconferencing: Skills for Polished Communication in Virtual Meetings

  • In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses, organizations, and employees are needing to work from home and opting to connect via videoconference. As it turns out, there’s more to having a virtual meeting than just letting your device or computer access your camera.   Happily, you can make a big difference to the effectiveness and enjoyability of your virtual meetings with a few easy-to-implement strategies. In this session, you will discover practical, high-impact strategies that will boost your clarity, impact, and effectiveness when videoconferencing from your home office.


Making it Virtual: Adapting Your In-Person Presentations for On-Line Delivery

  • Presenting via videoconference is very different from presenting in-person. Yet,  when many people translate an in-person presentation for an online environment, they end up creating a static, unengaging experience centered around dull slide decks and are almost completely lacking in dynamic engagement. Giving your presentation online doesn’t have to mean a load of awkward pauses and a lack of audience engagement. In this session, you’ll learn how to project personality and charisma in online presentation while still getting your point across and connecting meaningfully with your audience.

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