Communication @ Work: Corporate Connections and Relationships In The Hybrid Workplace

Themes: Future of Work, Workplace Communication Skills, Virtual Communication

Let’s update the cliché: “We might be done with COVID virtual but COVID virtual isn’t done with us.”

Whether you love or loathe virtual, the future of work communication is hybrid. Post-pandemic workspaces are re-tooling for both in-office and remote work arrangements. Customers and stakeholders expect virtual meetings to be a standard communication option. The tools and technology are getting cheaper and easier to use. Yet many of us continue to struggle with speaking via webcam. Hybrid meetings feel siloed, real engagement and connection is difficult to foster, and everyone is still being treated to an A+ view of Bob’s nose hairs.

Conversing via videoconference is different from in-person interactions, and it gets even trickier when some people are in-person while others are on-screen. To thrive with communication in the new hybrid workplace, we need more than the latest virtual space or mini ring light. We need targeted communication skills and a fresh mindset regarding how we connect in the presence of the webcam.  Interpersonal communication and public speaking expert Lauren Sergy will take you on an engaging deep-dive into how virtual affects some of our most basic communication behaviours. Discover what must be done to grow relationships, strengthen business culture, and sidestep burnout in our complex communication landscape.