Collaborative Communication: Dialing Down Tension While Building Relationships Through How We Speak

Themes: Communication, Collaboration, Productivity, Workplace Culture

Picture a meeting: a contentious issue is on the table, one on which there are a lot of strong opinions. People are talking – oh, they are talking. But the talking doesn’t seem to go anywhere except around in circles. It’s like they’re talking at one another instead of with one another.

It’s in these types of conversations that collaboration is both most necessary and most difficult. Collaboration isn’t about capitulation or compromise. It’s a relationship-driven approach to communication that places finding cooperative solutions ahead of everything else. It’s a willingness to let go of the need to win in favor of the need to make progress.

It’s also easier said than done – but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach!

In this frank but entertaining session, Lauren Sergy demystifies the elements of collaborative communication and shows you how apply them in real life. You will learn techniques to develop the empathy necessary for collaboration while also learning subtle strategies that help you to guide and shape the conversation. You will discover ways to increase openness and trust, diffuse tension, and engage in communication that is clear, collaborative, and productive.