Here it is:

the Ultimate ‘Day Before’ Presentation Prep Checklist!

Public speaking thrives on preparation.

There are loads of trite sayings about preparation – I won’t bore them with you here. But I do know that speakers who prepare thoroughly before their presentation speak better, do better, and stress less than those who don’t.

Print out this check list and go through it every time you’re giving a speech, presentation, or talk. It has a box for just about every thing you could need to pack or prepare during the days leading up to your presentation. It’s designed to walk you through that final prep-and-pack stage so you don’t have to frantically wonder “did I remember to bring thing XYZ with me?”. This way you can keep your brain focused on what matters: your presentation.


Click on the link below to download your checklist:

The Ultimate Day Before Presentation Prep Checklist


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