Polish your virtual meetings even more with these resources

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Note: Not all chapters have recommended resources. This list is updated quarterly.

  • Chapter 2 – Lights, Camera, Audio Action! Setting Up Properly Without Converting Your Office Into a Film Set
  • Chapter 3 – The Tao of Pants: Never Leave What Others Can See up to Chance
  • Chapter 4 – Mugging for the Webcam: Boost Clarity and Impact by Tapping Into Your Inner Actor
  • Chapter 6 – Staying Sane: Handling Virtual Meetings Long-Term Without Losing Your Mind

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Chapter 2 - Lights, Camera, Audio Action! Setting Up Properly Without Converting Your Office Into a Film Set

Camera Recommendations

  • Logitech C920 – This was my go-to for many years and is still top of class
  • Logitech C922 – This is what I am currently using. It’s nearly identical to the C920 but has a slightly higher price point as it has a faster frame rate for better low-light conditions.
  • DSLR (TBD)

Microphone Recommendations

The microphones that are on cell phone headsets are generally pretty good and will suffice for most people. If you want your mic to be separate from your headphones, here are some excellent choices. Depending on your set-up, you may still need to wear headphones to prevent echo, though a unidirectional microphone can eliminate echo.

  • Audio-Technica ATR2100x USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone – a great uni-directional microphone (meaning it only picks up sound coming from right in front of it). I’ve been using it for years and it is a popular entry-level podcaster qualiity microphone; good quality sound, and I’ve never had a problem with echo.  The mic comes with its own stand.
  • Blue Yeti – A perennially popular choice. I’ve used this and really liked the results. It has high quality audio, and several sound pick-up choices, so it can work whether you are using it on your own or with several people seated around it. This makes it a great choice for boardrooms.
  • Blue Yeti Nano – Similar to the Blue Yeti but in a smaller package, at a lower price point, and with slightly different features. This one is built with for desktop users in mind, and only has cardioid (unidirectional) and omnidirectional sound pick-up. The audio quality is apparently slightly lower, but not enough to be noticed in the vast majority of virtual meeting or videoconference settings.

Lighting Recommendations

  • Neewar 480 LED Video Lighting Kit (with softbox diffuser) – this two-pack lighting kit may be overkill for many people, but I found it resolved many of my own headaches. It comes with softbox diffusers which really helps deal with overly harsh lighting and allows you to adjust both the warmth and brightness of the light. It comes in a two-pack, which is definitely worth it for the price.
  • Gooseneck lamp – This is an Ikea lamp, but any bog-standard gooseneck lamp can work nicely as they allow you to adjust the height and direction of the light. Just note that you might want some kind of diffuser over the opening, like a piece of wax paper taped over the mouth of the lamp.
  • Lightbulbs: Daylight (5000K), 800 Lumens, 60-Watt equivalent – You can find these at just about any home goods or hardware store. Color-wise, the 5000k daylight range is deal but you can go slightly warmer (lower numbers = warmer light). Don’t go lower than 3000k. 800 lumens will light you up nicely in terms the amount of light being cast on you. You will likely need two lamps with these lightbulbs in order to be lit properly. LED lights are definitely preferable to incandescent. They don’t heat up as much and it’s much safer to throw improvised diffusers over them without worrying if you’re going to burn the building down.
  • Neewar 18″ Ring Light – ring lights are popular options. While I’ve had a ring light for many years – it worked well and I still sometimes use it – I prefer the softbox lighting kit at the top of this list.

Chapter 3 - The Tao of Pants: Never Leave What Others Can See up to Chance