Presence in the Public Eye: How Leadership Presence Supercharges Communication

Themes: Communication, Collaboration, Productivity, Workplace Culture

We can all picture them: that leader who draws people’s eyes the moment they walk into a room, who can fill a space with their voice even when they whisper, who can inspire confidence with a perfectly timed phrase.

They have it. They have Presence.

More than just “looking the part”, Presence is powerful communication strategy that leverages the way we speak, look, and behave to help others perceive us as competent and authoritative. A person with presence can more easily overcome doubts and reservations, foster trust, and consistently represent their personal and political brand. It is a highly desirable and versatile skill for elected officials. It’s also difficult to pin down, especially when navigating the diverse interests and values of constituents and the murky waters of media.

In this fascinating keynote, communication expert Lauren Sergy will take you on a dive into the markers of leadership presence and the deep role they play in how you and your messages are received, perceived, and interpreted. You won’t just marvel at other people’s presence – you’ll understand how it works for them, and how you can make it work for you.