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Do you find yourself feeling shaky, sweaty, or out-of breath when you give a presentation? Maybe your mind goes blank or your thoughts race out of control, or you feel sick to your stomach, or your heart starts to pound…

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You aren’t alone! Most people find public speaking to be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Maybe you procrastinate and avoid working on it. You might be one of the many who fret for weeks about giving a talk, even losing sleep over it.

My name is Lauren Sergy, and I’m a professional speaker, author, and trainer on public speaking and communication.

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I’ve worked with driven, successful people – entrepreneurs, executives, managers, academics, researchers, and others from a wide range of industries. Here’s what I’ve learned: Even people who need to present on a regular basis, or who are recognized and respected experts in their field experience public speaking anxiety.

Public speaking anxiety has nothing to do with your knowledge, experience, or competence – it’s an unconscious response our brains have to a perceived threat.

This is a powerful response that doesn’t care how illogical or irrational it may be. Even though you know your material cold, know that the audience is on your side, and are objectively aware that there is no real threat, it doesn’t matter. When you stand up to speak, your inner caveman/woman brain takes over and sees a whole heard of sabretooth tigers bearing down on you…and the sweaty palms and pounding heart take over.

The good news is that there are practical tactics and actions you can take even when you are behind the microphone to take charge of those nerves, boost your confidence, and stop speaker’s anxiety in it’s tracks!

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