You know that public speaking and presentation skills are critical to your career. Skilled speakers get noticed, are seen as leaders, are more readily considered for advancement, and can command a higher degree of respect from others.

But good presentation skills mean even more than opportunity or reputation building. They let you build better relationships with your clients and your team. They make your ideas more interesting and your points more persuasive. They increase your own personal confidence and help take away some of the stress of preparing and delivering workplace presentations.


Business Presentation Mastery is designed for professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and employees who want to deliver more powerful, persuasive, effective presentations.

Most people stumble through their work presentations, not certain exactly where their focus should be, missing important points while spending too much time on minutiae. They bore their audiences and go over their allotted presentation time. They can’t effectively handle questions and panic when they lose their place in the presentation. Their slideshows are filled with ugly stock photography (if the audience is lucky), and long bullet-point litanies. And while they eventually get through the presentation, they’re left feeling with a nagging sense that they could have – and should have – done much better.

Sound familiar? I thought so. We’ve all sat through presentations like that, and most of us have given a presentation like that, too.

It doesn’t have to be this way – it’s within your abilities to give excellent, engaging business presentations. And the steps to creating and delivering outstanding business presentations can be learned in a way that’s logical, straightforward, and true to your own personality, style, and knowledge.

Business Presentation Mastery is a live online course – a unique blend of live instruction, coaching, and individual application with a small group of fellow professionals that will help you make real, discernible strides in your presentation skills.


“Lauren is an incredible public speaking coach who instills her students with the confidence to overcome their presentation and communication hang-ups. She’s an instructor that truly cares about her students’ success and is always willing to jump on a call before a daunting presentation or provide pointers and support outside of class. I’m a stronger speaker having worked with her.”

-Fadekemi Adegbuyi, Social Media & Marketing, Doist


Over the course of 8 weeks, you, me, and a small group of career-minded professionals will sit down together for 1 hour each week to uncover the bones of solid business presentations, including:

  • Audience analysis – how to get into your audience’s heads and points of view to determine exactly what they need from you in a given presentation
  • The structure of presentations – my proven structuring method to create highly focused, effective presentations that are easier for your audience to follow and for you to deliver
  • Making the cut – how to decide what information makes it in to your presentation, and what gets eliminated
  • Engaging expression – key components of body language, voice, and audience engagement to bring energy and charisma to your presentation style
  • Sugar and Spice – using tools like stories, analogies, and interaction to make dull or difficult presentations more interesting and accessible
  • Killer Slideshows – how to design slidehows that enhance what you say rather than overwhelm it, plus how to deal with corporate-approved slideshows that you aren’t allowed to modify
  • Plus two “open office” sessions where we discuss your questions and workshop participants’ speeches.


Class starts on Sunday October 22. Live videoconferences take place from 10:30 to 11:30 am Mountain Time.


All the live videoconferences will be recorded and made available to you whenever you need to review them. You’ll also have access to downloadable worksheets to enhance your learning and help you develop your presentations.

“You changed how I make and give presentations. The last presentation I gave at a large global health conference woke them up…people said they hadn’t seen anything like it!”

Dr. Zubia Mumtaz, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Alberta

Bonus on-on-one coaching calls & presentation review

I’m deeply committed to your success and to working with you to meet your goals. To help make this happen, each participant will also get four one-on-one 20 minute coaching calls with me. These videoconference calls can be used for anything you need – from brainstorming an upcoming presentation, reviewing your content, or rehearsing to digging deep into a particular issue or discussing business communication topics we don’t cover in class.

As part of this class, I will also give you a personal review one of your presentations. Send me your outline, speaker notes, and presentation slides, or a video of you giving your presentation. I’ll go through it with a fine-tooth comb and provide you with feedback and suggestions you can implement to make it even better.

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“I very much enjoyed the enthusiasm which Lauren brings to what she teaches. I am so pleased that I chose her program and can now integrate it into my every day life. I own my right to speak my mind at the same time with the ability to value and engage with my audience at the same time.”

Stephanie Sonneman, Associate Director CFS Equipment Finance, Alberta Treasury Branch

Special Enrollment Offer: 649 300.00


Because this is a “pilot course” (the first iteration of the program), I’m offering it for an outstanding price:

The full course – including the live webinars, one-on-one calls and all recordings and materials – will be available to you for the flat rate of $300 CDN (all taxes included)!

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the course content, including any updates I make to it in the future.

This is the only time I’ll be offering this program at this low a rate. After this round of the class, the price will go up significantly!

To ensure you get a great experience, I’m limiting this class to 15 people.

Class starts on October 22nd, so be sure to claim your seat today!

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How do I access the course?

This course takes place inside Ruzuku – an online learning platform that is easy to access and use. You can join the interactive live webinars through Zoom (I will provide you with the link each week), and can access your Ruzuku course page at any time to re-watch the recordings of the webinars and access the worksheets.

Will there be a forum or social media page where I can send messages to you and other people in the course?

Yes – you can interact with me and other participants through the Ruzuku course page. We can exchange questions, ideas, and thoughts easily without needing to log into a different social media platform.

Will I have access to the course materials after the class is finished?

Absolutely! Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have lifetime access to this program including any updates I make to it in the future. If for any reason I stop running the course, I will send you copies of all the videos, webinar records, and worksheets – yours to keep and use as much as you like.

I have to miss one of the live webinars. Is this a problem?

No problem whatsoever! I get it – life doesn’t stop for an online course, and sometimes people need to miss a class or two. If you aren’t able to attend the webinar live, you’ll be able to view a recording of the webinar on your course page in Ruzuku.


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