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Corporate Training

Help your employees become clear, confident, capable speakers through corporate training

Corporate training and workshops are ideal for companies who want to boost their team’s presentation and communication skills or to prepare teams for specific upcoming presentations.  Delivered in person or through webinar, workshops and training initiatives vary in length. The suitable length and structure of your workshop will be determined during an initial needs assessment. Examples of workshop timelines include a series of half-days spread out over several weeks, a one-day group blitz, or full three-day workshops.

I train employees on a wide variety of topics related to presentation, speaking, and communication.  Some sample topics are:

  • Speaking skills such as vocal modulation, tone and variety, speaking for clarity, body language, non-verbal communication
  • Speech and presentation design: planning, structure, writing, visuals
  • Online communication skills: how to be an interesting speaker in online environments, webinar etiquette
  • Workplace communication issues: etiquette, trust, workplace harmony
  • Personal development: dealing with fear of public speaking, becoming a confident speaker, communicating your message, how to be an empathetic communicator

If you have a particular communication topic you would like me to provide training on, please contact me directly to discuss.

All corporate training is developed on a custom basis to meet your needs in your organization’s particular context.  I work with organizational representative on an initial needs assessment in order to determine what sort of training would best benefit your company and your tea.

I work with organizations in the Edmonton, Alberta region and beyond.  In-person and distance/online services are available.

Contact me at lauren@laurensergy.com or call me at 780-966-2401 to book your initial consultation!

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